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Diesel Cetane Number Improver manufactured of china

Diesel Cetane Number Improver manufactured of china

largest 2-ehn manufacture in China. high purity ≥99.1. major 2-ehn supplier for SINOPEC.

Technical Parameters

WD12-501   (2-Ethylhexyl nitrate) Cetane improver


An additive used to increase the cetane number of diesel fuel.

Diesel cetane number is the ignition performance of a reflection of the diesel engine combustion. cetane number is too low, and it may extend the diesel fuel in the combustion chamber, it will be serious when detonation, make the engine power decrease, abrasion, rising oil consumption, smoke, which is increasing environmental protection. Our company can produce WD12-501 diesel fuel octane value through unique micro channel reactor synthesis, high purity, stable performance, and can effectively improve diesel engine, improve hexadecane start-up performance and improve diesel combustion performance. Xi’an wonder Energy chemical Co., Ltd is the biggest manufacturer of cetane improver (2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate) here in china.





 Colorless liquid



Molecular weight (g/mol)


Molecular formula



 Soluble in carbinol,diesel





Flash point  ℃ (Closed cup)


Water content (%)


Viscosity (20℃)mm2/s




☆ Will not change technical standard on Diesel oil Oxide stability
☆ Reduce environmental pollutant, save fuel oil: Cetane Improver will enhance complete
burning of diesel oil reduce tail gas release, save fuel oil.
☆Optimize vehicle operation: Cetane Improver can improve fuel oil burning performance, shorten pre-heating period, improve start-up function at low temperature, and increase dynamics.

Use method and amount
☆ The recommended amount is 1~3‰,it can improve the value for 3~10 units  (cetane improve effects various as to different fuel oil. Should base on actual data prior to usage)

Package, storage and transportation
☆ Packed with 208Lbarrel the Net weight is 195±0.5kg/barrel. Or Iso tank
☆ Avoid of fire and Stored in cool and dry environment.
☆ Avoid of the staining of the skin.. Water is forbidden to use to put out the fire.

☆Wearing safety gloves and goggles, wash with plenty of water if incidentally touched with skin or eyes.

For more informations please view our website: wonder-chemical.com