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Diesel Pour Point Depressant

Diesel Pour Point Depressant
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Xi'an Wonder Energy Chemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China diesel pour point depressant manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company with one of the famous brand. Welcome to buy high quality and wholesale cold flow improver, low temerature flow improver, low temperature fluidity improver products from our factory.

WD12-101 Diesel pour point depressant

    WD12-101 diesel main component is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and other copolymer with additives. PPD add on diesel, when the temperature is lower, wax crystal formation, PPD will play the role and wax crystal separation or in joint adsorption wafer surface, prevent wax wafer bonding interaction between the crystallization of continuous, and prevent formation, wax is more subtle, and crystal particles at low temperatures to diesel oil and smoothly through the filter, obviously improve the low temperature fluidity, reduce diesel and some cold low-freezing diesel.
    Usually 500 - in diesel 1000ppm diesel, it can reduce low-freezing 10 ~ 20 ° c, some cold can reduce a label. According to different densities PPD feeling is different, my company will choose different recipes for users of the product, the user needs of mixed diesel satisfy.





Shallow brown viscous liquid


Oil soluble



Additives agents, who can be used in oil refinery factory. 
Use method and amount
The proportion is 110. The recommended amount is 500ppm1000ppm
 Test before adding.
 Added above the temperature of the diesel cloud point. 
Package, storage and transportation
 Packed with iron barrel, the Net. Weight is 180kgbarrel.
 Avoid of fire, and storied in cool and dry environment. Make sure the temperature is under 50.

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