• Diesel Cetane Number Improver

      Contact NowDiesel Cetane Number ImproverWD12-501 (2-Ethylhexyl nitrate) Cetane improverIntroduction An additive used to increase the cetane number of diesel fuel. Diesel cetane number is the ignition performance of a reflection of the diesel engine combustion. cetane number is too low, and it may extend the diesel fuel in the combustion chamber,Read More2015-12-08

    • 2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate

      Contact Now2-Ethylhexyl NitrateWD12-5012-Ethylhexyl nitrateIntroduction Сetane improver additives managed to get so wide distribution due to properties which arise at their addition to fuel. Increase of cetane number causes someRead More2015-12-08

    • Diesel Lubricity Improver

      Contact NowDiesel Lubricity ImproverWD-006 Low-sulfur Diesel Lubricity ImproverIntroductionWD-006 An additive used to improve the lubricity of low sulfur diesel fuel. Low-sulfur diesel refined by hydrodesulfurization, reduce the natuRead More2015-12-08

    • Diesel Pour Point Depressant

      Contact NowDiesel Pour Point DepressantWD12-101 Diesel pour point depressantIntroduction WD12-101 diesel main component is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and other copolymer with additives. PPD add on diesel, when the temperature is lRead More2015-12-08

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