High Temperature Corrosion Inhibitors

High Temperature Corrosion Inhibitors
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Xi'an Wonder Energy Chemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China high temperature corrosion inhibitors manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company with one of the famous brand. Welcome to buy high quality and wholesale high temperature corrosion inhibitor products from our factory.

WD02-302 High Temperature corrosion inhibitors


When the temperature is higher than 230 degrees Celsius, sulfur and naphthenic acid will generate chemical etching. Sulfur and Fe forms FeS, which attach the metal surface to form protective film, And it can prevent further corrosion, when the system of sulfur exist and the naphthenic acid and iron produces chemical reaction, forming a surface activity of naphthenic acid, it can be iron FeS membrane, and promotes the dissolution of sulfur from further corrosion. When the corrosive environment coexistence, the corrosion will be more intense. WD02-302 type high temperature corrosion inhibitor is for sulfur acid, high temperature corrosion mechanism of crude oil, combined with the device of process conditions, the agent has metal surface modification effect on the metal surface to form a stable, dense membranes, which prevents the chemistry of sulfur and naphthenic acid erosion .

Technology Index




Brown liquid



Freezing point

≤ 0 


Mutual-dissolve with diesel


It can be used in normal pressure fractional column, condensing cooling system.

Method of use
☆ recommended amount 50~200ppm.

Package, transportation and storage
☆ Packed in 25-200kg steel barrels, or as required.
☆ Avoid of sunlight, rain, or knocking in transportation.
☆ Stored in cool and dry environment, avoid of fire.

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